Saturday, June 9, 2012

Panda Arrives Home

Big day today for the lovely miss Panda.

I drove to Durack to meet with Bernadette from Kilcoy kennels to pick up Panda. We had a quick stop over at my sisters (Sam) on the way home for lunch. Panda showed some signs of stress and became rather nervous when the kids jumped on the swings. She has not been around to many children prior. She stayed by my side for the rest of the visit to Sams. Back in the car and another 1 1/2 hr home. Poor darling stood for most of the way.

We arrived home and we introduced Keeda and Harlie. Both dogs welcomed Panda and had a quick play outside. We than went for a run around the house yard where Panda part fell into one of the drainage tracks. Super agile dog obviously!

We had a small training session where I was just building value for a soft crate and having a small play with toys. I tipped the toy box out and was encouraging play hoping to see some interest. The red squeaky toy was getting some interest (still tail between her legs but the ears were pricked and some pouncing after it when I threw). Obviously all too much for her and way to early to be trying anything as she got too scared and weed on the floor. I was aiming to create some fun and to hopefully relax her, as well as taking her mind off the stress.... Too much too fast. We will try again tomorrow if she is coping a bit better.

Today I have noticed a fairly timed girl who needs confidence building and work on her thought processes. She tends to just follow Keeda which at this stage is not a hugely bad thing, however we are working to create a dog who can independently think to aid her own learning. It all comes through games so we hope to create drive for toys as we go.

She does also struggle with stairs. At this stage is just taking a massive jump up the three front stairs. Funny to watch but she will hurt herself. I let them out tonight and about 15 mins later heard a thump at the door. Poor Panda had tried to jump up the stairs but with the door closed went head first into it.... Not the smartest girl!!

Fingers crossed for a more relaxed puppy tomorrow.

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