Monday, July 9, 2012

Clicker training - panda

Clicker training continues. This time aiming for a desired behavior. First behavior I ask for is "on". First session didn't go to well. Hour and a half and only two paws up. Second session she was almost straight up and we even tried a frisbee game including the behaviour. She did awesome

PB and J and the first signs of valve for RZ!'good work little panda.... We are getting there!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Panda crate training continued

Continued crate training today. She was so enthusiastic to start and even before I had the video set up, rod was unfolding the crate and she was trying to get in. "she loves her crate!". Today I wanted to see more from her and wanting to be at the back of the crate rather than eager to get out and sitting right at the front of the door. She got the idea really quickly and by the end was moving towards the back every time I went to open the door. 35 min session in total so video I cut out the middle the just show the start and end. Can't give away all my secrets of training either!
Finished the session with high distractions (treats thrown, entire bag of food on the floor, and her dinner). Superstar!
Added bonus to give panda her dinner, she had to do a recall straight to me (ignoring her food that she had to run straight past) before I let her eat it. She had three goes at it and got it on the third.