Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Panda 12th June

Interesting day today.
We had a couple of sessions of crate games. She is going well but is challenged by the door being open. I worked to keep the value in the crate and used some different beef stix which she seemed to enjoy. I challenged her with a lead on than leaning away from the crate and actually moving away. After a couple of attempts she got there. Yay! Also noted that in three occasions she willingly went into the crate and sat down which is a great sign for value. Desperately need her own crate though cause as soon a she gets in their Keeda decides that she wants her crate back.... A one point I had all three dogs in the one tiny crate! Wasn't fast enough to get a photo!

We also had a game of IYC. Our session was only 11 mins in length (probably to long for this stage and not enough balance breaks) however she coped well. We ended the session with a great controlled down with 5 treats on her paw. Again I used the beef stix for this session.

A more confident puppy in the paddock today and I dare say a little fitter? She was pouncing up and down the hills today with Keeda for about 45 mins.

Also asked for the first time for panda a sit and wait till I give a release word with her dinner. She did this in under 4 mins. On watching the video I need to give the release and wait for her choice and stop prompting her... Crate games will help more with that as well.

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