Sunday, June 10, 2012

Paddock Puppies

This morning started with a much better and happy puppy. Let her out of the crate and she went for a nice run in the house yard with Keeda. Everyone came back inside and panda helped herself to our bed..... Ops. She was highly disgusted when I put her back on the floor. 

Took the kids out for their run in the paddock. Panda didn't go more than roughly 10 meters away from me at a time but did spend most of it trotting along behind me.... I think most of that was actually a fitness thing! 

Front stairs still an issue.... But she is getting a nice leap going on as she pounces up them.

We had a small training session. It started with attempt crate games.... However struggled with the concept of sit. I tried a couple of different methods and lots of different treats and for a puppy who is still a little nervous and is not showing much enthusiasm for toys I did resort to luring. Cheese was working rather well as high value. (bernie what did she absolutely love and go crazy for at home??). I will as quickly as possible though start her games when she understands that she can put her butt on the ground! Plan for tomorrow is to wait for a response of sitting and get her thinking.

Bed games also started with some value being shown for the round beds. 

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  1. You have to love Harlie trying so hard to get attention!