Monday, June 11, 2012

Motivation and Thinking

Panda showed me today that there is a puppy in there who can think!

Day started with another unwelcome visitor on the bed.... hhhmmm...

I did another small luring session this morning working on sit. I am at mixed thoughts on why I did this. Later today I told myself that it was completely wrong of me. I don't train by using any sort of luring and I really think I was after a quick fix. On the other hand when I started crate games tonight I realised that we do lure the puppy into a sit right at the start.... so I think in a bad way I justified it. Anyway... simple session this morning went well. Faster into sits with the lure.

Only a quick 20min run in the paddock due to rain.

I pulled out the squeaky toy again later today to see how we went. Success! Miss panda started to leap after it which was awesome but stole the toy back to the bed. Great start to toy motivation and arousal. No interest what so ever in anything else really - however she does seem to like anything she can chase after. The ropey and balls had interest but she didn't really want to pick them up.

Great session of crate games - levels 1-3 within an hr (Susan Garrett's Crate Games). She coped really well and even made some awesome choices. In the last 15 mins the hand on the crate was starting to cue to sit without further prompting and the door could stay open without any movements for a couple of seconds. She had 3 goes at "YoYi" and although took her time made it back in. Again I only used cheese as her high value treat. Bacon and biscuits were not as exciting. Great start.

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